Jono Shaw

Human Experience Designer
Affective Interaction Explorer
Speculative Art Attempter
Social Robotics Practitioner

What People Say


A speculative installation exploring the deep-seated cultural and behavioral constructs that influence human mental models of social anxiety in the context of collectivism.

# Culture and Humanity
# Anthropomorphism
# Ethics and Social Ecology

2023 · Interactive Installation Art · Case Study

CosMob App 

An app that empowers cosplayers to organize flash mobs effortlessly, thus increasing the exposure of cosplay culture in local communities to challenge and reduce societal prejudices and misunderstandings.

# Diversity and Inclusion
# Cultural Engagement
# Community Empowerment

2023 · UX & UI Design · Case Study


A multidimensional body-sensing medium that emulates the dynamics of marine creatures, exemplifying an argument on a new manifestation of tangible interfaces.

# Soma Aesthetics
# Biofeedback and Biomimicry
# Sensory Interaction

2022 · Interactive Installation Art


A website for a Milanese fashion designer brand NOT A NUMBER, showcasing their unconventional designs and ethos of gender neutrality and diversity through a minimalist yet dynamic visual language.

# Contemporary Fashion
# Diversity and Equity
# Liberty and Freedom

2021 · Web UI Design


A teaser video showcasing the interplay between craft gestures, robotic light drawings and choreography to illuminate an innovative and artistic approach to cultural transmission.

# Relational Aesthetics
# Robotic Art
# Material Agency

2023 · Video Production

Exploring Potential Applications of Social Robots for Senior Users

A design workshop with senior participants from the South Eastern Community Connect to explore the appeal and potential of social robots on facilitating their daily activities.

# Participatory Design
# Inclusivity and Accessibility
# Human-Centered Robotics

2022 · Design Workshop

Radical Intuitiveness: MUJI’s Wall-Mounted CD Player and Its “Without Thought” Design Philosophy

A detailed review of the MUJI CD player, examining its unique wall-mounted design, intuitive user interface, and reflection of Japanese minimalist principles.

# Minimalist Design Principles
# Intuitive Interaction
# Spatial Integration

2022 · Design Review